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Love the convenience of the Ave and U-Village, but not U-District housing? Want to live in the best of both worlds?

One large room is opening up in my 2-bedroom apartment on Capitol Hill. It's 1 block from buses to the U-district and downtown, and UW is 15 minutes away by bus or bike. Broadway is 2 blocks away, but our street is quiet and residential. Rent is $425/month plus 1/2 of electric (every other month) and DSL (every month), all other utilities are included. We have storage space, laundry on site, and a full kitchen and bath. Small animals and cats are allowed.

Me: vegetarian, non-smoking, geeky, gay-friendly, open-minded, responsible, UW student and employee, open to both male and female roommates. You: responsible, easy-going, respectful of shared and private space.

You can move in as early as March 1, or after March 17-26. Email me at lacena(at) if you want to come check it out.
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