name (pamplmoose) wrote in uw,

Hey Fellow Huskies.

Hey, I'm Simon, I'm a sophomore but I just got LJ a few days ago (thanks dunkman). Anyway, I don't know too many people here but was wondering if anybody would add me? I'd add you right back. I'm a Computer Science major and like to hang out, chat on aim, and romance beautiful women. I'm taking PHIL100, 102, and ECON 200 this quarter, if anyone wants to study. I'm usually at OUGL when not in class. If anybody needs their computer fixed I can do that too (kinda a dork like that).

I've been having a tough time meeting people at this big-ass university, but I still manage to have a good time, so give me a shout on AIM, my screenname is pamplmoose. Or you can just add me to LJ Friends.

See you around,
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