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Another applicant worried about acceptance...

I know someone has asked a similar question, but I just wanted to ask, how long did it take you to get your acceptance letters? I sent in my application on Nov. 30th, and they got my transcripts Dec. 19th. It is now the end of January and I haven't heard anything back except that my application has gone through a review and my final decision is pending. Yeah, it said that way back in December! I really want to get into the UW but this waiting is freaking me out! What do you think my chances are?

My SAT was low, 1000ish, with a 2.14 gpa at the time the application was due, but I am also a running start student who by the time of graduating high school will have close to 60 college credits finished. I did 2 essays, sent in a letter of recommendation, and have a huge list of awards, extra curriculars, and community service. My numbers are low, but everything else is pretty high so I know I'm going to be in the review, I'm just hoping they'll see that I am a perfect match for this school! My counselor said that because I have so many college credits, it should be easier for me to get in because I'll be at a sophomore status, and the sophomore class is smaller than the freshman class. Is there some truth to that?

Oh, one more question- when you get waitlisted, when is the deadline to get in? Are your chances of getting in high? Should one accept another school just in case?
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