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Computer commons at OUGL

Okay, so for the past week or so I've been having a lot of trouble signing into the computers at the library. I've never been able to use the PC's because it says that my account has been disabled, and now whenever I try to sign in on the Mac's, it won't let me. I type in my id and my password and then it does this weird shaking thing. For some reason I can get it to work on some computers, but now it seems like it's taking longer and longer each day to find one that works. I think the computer thinks that I have the wrong password or something, but I don't. Is it possible that someone hacked into my account? B/c I've also been getting e-mails saying that my message could not be delivered when I didn't even send the e-mail in the first place. If it is possibly someone else using my account, then what do I do?
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