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Another Camera for Sale

Inspired by the last UW post by strata, I just realized that even though I can't take back my digital camera because it's been more than 15 days since I bought it, every college student needs some sort of camera, eh? Especially with all the things to take pictures of around here. I wanted to make movies about life at UW, and all of the squirrels we have here! But we really don't need to talk about that..

So here's my deal:
I got the new Fuji Fine Pix Camera (Lowest price new=$199.99 from Best Buy, link below) and the Cradle/Charger (Lowest price=$79.99 also from Best Buy, link also below) and I realized that even though it made movie clips, they were movie clips without sound. And, since I'm really picky and stubborn, this just will not do. So the camera box has only been opened, the manual was read, and then everything was put right back into the box. However, the box that the cradle came in went out to recycling before I could save it, so basically it comes with EVERYTHING like brand-spanking new, except the box that the cradle came in. Because of this, and because it exceeded the 15-day return policy limit or some dumb rule like that, I can't return it.

So I'm selling the Camera and the Cradle both for $275 or best offer. I'm not selling it at a used price because, well, it's not used. At all. But I realized I'm not going to sell it anywhere at what I bought it for, and no matter what I'm going to get at least a little bit ripped off, so that's why it's just a brand new camera sitting on my desk, glaring at me because I'm too picky to use it. And it's very lonely and needs someone who will love it, not hate it.

Anyway, the exact camera and cradle are here:
Fuji Finepix 3.2 Camera
Fuji Charger/Cradle with Battery

If interested, either reply to this post, or email me at:


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