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Is there anyone in this community who has (in the last year) transfered from a Seattle Community College (South, North, Central) to UW by means of their "Direct Transfer Agreement"?
I graduate at the end of spring quater, with my AA. I will have well above the required 2.5 (more like 3.9), I was the President of the Honor Society (currently just a member) and I'm on the Deans list. Both UW and Seattle Central can't seem to answer ANY of my questions, especially regarding financial aid/scholarships and the admissions process. It would be really great to talk to someone who has already gone through this, and knows what needs to be done in order for it to go smooth. I beg of you all...someone help me.
Also...I'm 19, still technically a dependent as far as the FAFSA goes, and my parents make too much money to qualify for anything. Someone under 24 (that's the dependent cut off) would probably be able to help more than an adult returning to school.

sorry for the X post.
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