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Special Capture the flag!!!

For anybody that wants to have fun Saturday night, we're hosting a special 3-way Capture the Flag game. 10:30pm at Drumheller Fountain.

Anybody can come play, the more, the better!

If you've never played HCTF, you can check out the normal rules here before you read the modifications for this weekend's game.

-Meeting time and place are the same as usual: 10:30pm Saturday night (1-24-04) at Drumheller fountain. It's going to take a while to do the game setup, so please be as on-time/early as possible. We'll need lots of people to make this map work well, so bring everybody!

Alpha, Bravo, and Charlie.


-Sides are devided along stevens way, and the access road between
physics/astronomy and Kincade.

Flag zones:
-West side - Guthrie Anex's 1 2 and 3, and all territory in between. Flags are not to be hidden beyond the fence on the west side of these buildings.
-East side - Bagly + Chemistry buildings.
-South side - The greenhouse area and Bloedel.

-6 inch green glow sticks as usual.
-I want to be very strict about visibility this game, because CTF just isn't as fun if nobody finds any flags. Flags are to be visable from at least 5 feet away with at least a 45 degree radias, horizontile and vertical.
-It should be easy to find, but hard to get past defence.

Rule modifications:
-Jailbreaks - You break out whoever you tag when attempting a jail break, even if they are on another team.
-Nutral zone - You are considered safely in your nutral zone only when on your border. IE: Alphas are not safe on the border between Bravo and Charlie. Whichever team catches the Alpha along this border takes them to jail, and claims any flags they where carying.

-Stay out of the road, there is a suprising amount of traffic at this hour. Anybody we see playing in traffic gets sent strait to jail.
-Don't jump over a railing unless you know what's on the other side! There are several 20ft drops on this course, and we don't want to see anybody get hurt.

We'll go over all of this again at the game Saturday.

Come on out, it should be a lot of fun!
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