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The Math Study Center is the bane of my existence!

Yesterday, I checked the MSC website and it had a note about being closed tomorrow for MLK but said nothing about today. I was very pleased because I could go in and finish my homework and get any help if I needed it (I rarely am able to get to the study center just because my schedule is so tight). So I sorted out the bus schedule and went down there... First of all, Sound Transit's page LIED! Coming once an hour at around 0:51 is very different from the actual once every TWO hours at 0:35. So I just drove down. I parked over by the College Inn because I don't know where there's parallel parking on the east side of campus (and I'm not that adventurous). I made the trek to the communications building... head to the basement... Gee, the study center sure looks dark. Oh, they're closed. BAH!

Anyway, I ended up going to inside the Allen Library for the first time (I'm an OUGL devotee) and doing some homework there. It's not as pretty on the inside as it is on the outside. That, and all the doors made me think "Am I supposed to go in here? Is this a VIP area?" *L* Oh well, it worked.

Anyway, nice to meet you all!
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