No One Extraordinary (suicide_lies) wrote in uw,
No One Extraordinary

Help! I need a ride!

Is anyone planning on driving from Portland to Seattle (the UW) on January 3rd or 4th and willing to take me (Female, Senior, English Major @UW) and my two suitcases (purple smallish and purple medium-large) along for the ride? I would, of course, be paying for half your gas for the trip. An impromptu mini-vacation has left me in Portland without a way back currently.

Also, any other suggestions for cheap, safe ways of getting from Portland to the University of Washington? If I can't make other arrangements, I am going to take Greyhound, but that becomes more expensive once I add in the taxi I need to get from the bus depot to the University because I didn't pack my lightest for this trip (as I wasn't planning on detouring to Portland and my dad was going to give me door-to-door service). I don't have a crazy amount of luggage, just too much to navigate the city bus comfortably. So any other suggestions would be helpful.
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