Jennifer Galactica (habituallydaft) wrote in uw,
Jennifer Galactica

was anyone else on UW dialup (specifically tacoma area) having trouble making contact w/ servers? or was it just my gimpy computer

example, explorer and netscape said that they couldnt contact the network, i couldnt sign on w/ trillian, or AIM or ICQ individually, nor was the LJ or segmagic client users able to log in.

im not exactly sure what the problem was, i dont know much about fixing computer stuffs, after restarting my computer, doing a through scan disk and virus scan and it still didnt work i did that 'system restore' thingy and used last tuesday as my point to restore it to, and now everything seems to work (though the whole restore process wasnt able to finish cause something wasnt able to be accessed) but everything works now. so i dunno
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