Melissa (buttonskitten) wrote in uw,

In other news, don't you hate the old people in college classes, maybe just the one lady in my 930 class, she drives me insane. She almost always drinks a slim fast that is kept in a gaint plastic bag, so in the middle of class there's this *crinkle crinkle crinkle, POP, glug, Slam!* as she get it out, opens it, and slams it down on her desk. Today she had 2 fruit lethers, all in super crinkly packeging, and would keep getting up to throw the packeging away, or to look for papers at the front of the room. At one point i was close to standing up and yelling "there's five mins left of class, can you wait for your fucking friut lether!??" It's completly destracting and disrespectful to do things like that, not to mention her always talking out of turn and usually off topic about whatever comes into her head. I was cranky this morning, and crazy old lady didn't help, at least she didn't bring her little dog again.
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