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random spammer?

I just got an email from "Matt Brown" (matt770 at yahoo dot com ) who claims that:

I am graduate student asking you for 2 minutes of you time to take a 10
question survey on computers.  This survey will help me with a class
presentation I am giving in a couple of weeks.  If you can take a few
minutes to take my survey I would truly appreciate it.  Thanks for your

Survey link:


Matt Brown

The To: field had a whole series of consecutive UW email addresses alphabetically around my own. To me, this looks like spam. I can't figure out who is, although the whois registrant is:

   Neilson Elggren LLP
   230 South 500 East, Suite 425
   Salt Lake City, UT 84102
Does anybody know who this is? Is it spam? Here's my analysis:
  • yahoo email address
  • no school affiliation
  • no identification of self or school on the survey [update: (not even which school, let alone which department)]
  • grammatical error in the first line ("I am graduate student")
  • [update: and another "2 minutes of you time"]
  • [update: seems to be some kind of accounting firm, which is unlikely to be a graduate student]
If this really is a graduate student, he should be whacked with the cloo-by-for. I visited the link but didn't do the survey; I wish I hadn't even done that much. I debated writing back to the bonehead (closeted spam-marketroid?) but I'm feeling paranoid and I want to give the closest impression to a dead email address that I can.

Has anybody else received this piece of (seeming) spam?

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