I3abyI3oo (i3abyi3oo) wrote in uw,

I know I posted this before but Im getting desperate and I really need to find a roomie by the end of November so please please please, if you know anyone reply to this post or send me an email.

I have a friend looking for a fourth roomate in a LARGE three bedroom house on 50th and Keystone near the UW. You get your own bedroom. There is a kitchen, basement, living room, pantry and sunroom. There is also parking in the backyard. Rent will be 366$ for the room plus utilities.

They are a group of friendly 22-25 year old girls looking for a female or two females about the same age to occupy the room and take over my lease.

If you know of anyone looking for a room or if you are looking for a room please contact me at echerr@u.wash.....
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