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Modified HCTF game this Saturday!

Yup, we're playing Capture the Flag this weekend, but not on the usual course. We are playing a new course on North Campus! Meet us in the Quad at 10:30pm, Saturday night (11/15/2003) for a fun game. :-)

I'll cut out the details here to save a bit of space:

North Campus
The course is outlined as shown on the map. The west boundary goes from memorial way, to Kane, to Allen Library, to the HUB (but none of these buildings are in bounds). The north and east boundaries are formed by Stevens way (But please stay out of the road). The neutral zone is the path that runs down the center of the quad from Stevens way to Red Square.

Teams will be divided as usual, into alpha or bravo. All capture and jail rules still apply.

Jail locations are to be chosen by the teams at the beginning of the game.

Flags + Flag Zones:
We will be using glows-ticks as flags. There are no specified flag zones, flags can be hidden anywhere in bounds. When you capture a flag, re-hide it on your side. Standard hiding/visibility rules apply: No more than 6' off the ground, and must be visible from at least two steps back in at least on direction. There is lots of useful shrubbery on this part of campus, so finding legal hiding places shouldn't be a problem.

The game will play until 1am as usual, and we will retrieve flags and announce winners.

Again, we are meeting IN THE QUAD! NOT by the fountain.

Questions? Feel free to ask.
Hope to see lots of you there!

-Chris Ross
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