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5 Credit NW Course- Microbiology

(Cross-posted to udub
Do you need a 5 credit NW course?
Something fun and interesting but not too hard?
Do you think microbes might be something interesting?
The Microbiology department (where I'm an undergrad) has designed an introduction to microbiology class specifically for liberal arts majors.

Winter Quarter- Microbiology 101

Lecture- M W Th F 2:30-3:20pm
Lab section (your choice)
AA T 9:30-11:20am (SLN 8680)
AB T 11:30am-1:20pm (SLN 8681)
AC Th 9:30-11:20am (SLN 8682)
AC Th11:30am-1:20pm (SLN 8683)

I'm TAing a section, and would love to see these classes fill up :D

How does a microbe become dangerous?
How do we protect ourselves from disease?
Microbes and Biotechnology
How microbes have influenced the course of history
Microbes on Mars?
Where did microbes come from?
Role of microbes in agriculture
Microbes that cause and prevent pollution

In Lab:
Make yogurt!
Isolate and identify non-pathogenic organisms
Isolate/Analyze DNA

Anymore questions? Feel free to reply here, or email the instructor for the course, Denise Anderson at:
bugsda at u dot washington dot edu

Thanks again!
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