alex (baronofbrass) wrote in uw,

Premajor extensions?

How hard is it to get a premajor extension, per the 105-credit rule?

I'm a freshman right now, but I have a year of running start credits, plus AP credits, etc. etc. which will put me at about 88 credits at the end of this quarter, once they evaluate everything. That means I'll be a freakin' junior by the end of winter quarter.

So, what the hell am I supposed to do? Declare a major RIGHT NOW? I just got here! I want to apply to the business school in April (If I don't, I can't until next April, and I'll be a senior then!), but I only can if I take Accounting 215 winter quarter. And I get shitty registration priority because the system thinks I'm a freshman, so I'm worried I won't get into that class at all. Sonofabitch.

Any advice?
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