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I was hanging around outside the Communications hall today when a relatively distinguished-looking older gentleman approached me and asked where to find the new Allen computer center. After I gave him vague directions, he started to tell me about his involvement with a project there, a competition to build "the world's smallest, fastest computer." He talked a little about "the big picture" and then proceeded to tell me about the eleventh dimension, which he apparently transcended in his three near-death experiences. He continued on for a few more minutes, going on about quantum physics, fast-talkers, and how people are monitoring what we read. Apparently, the university had offered him a job, but he turned it down so he wouldn't be doing and thinking what the administrators told him to.

This sound familiar to anyone?

Anyway, I've talked to a couple real crazies before, mostly on the old Metro route #6, but this guy was different. He sounded like he knew what he was talking about, for one thing. And he was well-kempt and dignified, something the real wackos just didn't have. It's nice to know that I can find a higher caliber of eccentric on a university campus.
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