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Leggo our Ergo!

This isn't specifically related to the UW, but there was an opinion piece in The Daily today on this subject, so it's not completely unrelated...

I love how the "Workers Against Job Killing Rules" aren't workers at all; they're just signature-gatherers hired by the Building Industry Association of Washington and the various business associations that tried unsuccessfully to block ergonomics legislation back in July 0f 2003.

And their commercials are a riot! "Ergonomics regulation will cost Washington jobs and leave children without insurance and set the Green River killer loose and send anthrax to the elderly!" OK, so only the first two were things actually said in their ad...But I love the part about how ergonomics rules will cut children off from health care. WTF!? What does children's health care have to do with ergonomics? But don't take my word for it...

Decide for yourself, and if you're a Washington voter, do your civic duty and fill out a ballot!

Yes On 841*
No On 841

*Can I just say how funny it is that NO841 is a dot-org and YES841 is a dot-com? Precious...
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