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alrighy, it's time for "Brittany's Random Question that Doesn't Belong in this Community":


but seriously, ya'll are pretty much from seattle, and are supposedly the shit because you go to the U. like me. yay. so here's my predicament,
I want to get a tattoo, because I'm 18 and because in ten years I want something to look back on and say "boy, was I stupid.." but my problem is i know exACTly what i want to get, but i cannot draw. we're talkin the laughing stock of a kindergarden stick figure contest level here. so i need some info on

1) how to find an artist or perhaps an art student here to draw the image for me (that also won't cost me large sums of money, hopefully)
and 2) where is the best place, either by your own experience or by what you've heard/seen, to get the tattoo.

thanks, u-dubbers. i'll run out of non-uw questions one of these days. but until then, help me out.

kthnx ^_^

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