I3abyI3oo (i3abyi3oo) wrote in uw,

Roomate wanted

I know I keep posting this but they havent found a roomate yet so I figured if I keep posting someone will respond.

My friends are looking for a fourth girl to occupy a very large four bedroom house. The rent is about $400 and that includes all utilities, cable internet and cable tv, and parking (its technically $366 for the room and the rest is utilities). The house has 3 stories, laundry and dryer in the basement, 4 large bedrooms (you will be able to paint your room the color you want) a sunroom, large living room, kitchen with pantry and dishwasher, dining room and two bathrooms. The house has a large backyard also and is very close to campus (50th and Keystone).

Your room has two closets and a window nook.

They would like a 20+ year old female, prefer non smokers but dont mind smokers.

If you want to know more please reply to this post.
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