Evan Martin (evan) wrote in uw,
Evan Martin

alternative student handbook

Hi, new students!

Our local "alternative" newspaper, The Stranger, published an excellent "Alternative Student Handbook" last week. You can find it for free in any of the boxes scattered about the U District.

It includes an intro for UW students, advice for first-timers drinking in bars (written by a bartender from the College Inn), a guide to drugs, an article titled "Being Gay in Seattle", a complementery "Being Straight in Seattle" ("With Specific Instructions on How to Locate the Clitoris"), and more.

The sidebars include some profiles of famous criminals from the UW and a really terrifying graph comparing your predicted salaries upon graduation to the football coach's (hint: the graph is six inches tall and they need to have a zoomed-in bit to show yours).

Anyway, I enjoyed it. :)
I wish I had something like this when I came into the UW.
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