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freshman jitters

so i'm having a BIT of a predicament. i am SO confused about college coming, [i am the one who had a question about working at the Bon and YES i took all of your advice and i am so thankful for it (now working parttime at Starbuck instead)] BUT. I. AM. STILL. SO. CONFUSED!

1. Where can i get information about bus routes around campus that go to and from [closest to Lander Hall as possible, or just near campus] to lower Queen Anne and back?

2. how far up [feet-wise] can i bunk my bed with a lofting kit --and-- do you think, realistically, that i will be able to GET a lofting kit if i get there first thing in the morning, Terrt Desk, on move-in day?

3. I bought so much cool stuff for my dorm room, KNOWING how big/small it is, and just convincing myself that everything would fit. now that i realize everything [still in boxes though?] fills up my brother's old room, i'm panicked. so. panicked.

could ya'll help me out?

This community is amazing. thank you SO much for your help. YAY!
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