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umm about an hour ago right when I walked out of my apt to go to work I felt this sudden pain in my leg and I look down and I see something green on my leg (bug? spider?) and I panicked and swooped it away with my jacket. It bit me and now it's slightly swelling, a lil red and it stings when I walk. I can walk but it's worrying me it may have been poisonous. But then what are the chances of a poisonous insect loungeng around in fornt of an apt... but just in case I went back to the place where the bug (?) was cuz I realized even if it WAS poisonous I couldn't treat it cuz I dunno what bit me. But it was already gone. My boss at work saw it and said he's pretty sure it looks like a spider bite. He said I should only worry if it starts to swell up... should I just follow his advice or should I worry?
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