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UW Guidebook

Hey everybody,

I'm writing a guidebook on the UW for College Prowler. The book is by the students, for prospective students, and as such, I need to collect quotes from students about the school.

So if you are willing to, please fill out the following survey, as in depth as possible, and email it to me at

Thanks in advance,

Scott Rosen

1. Describe the teachers? Do you find your classes interesting?

2. What is the atmosphere like in the town you are in? Are other universities present? Any Stuff to stay away from? Stuff to visit?

3. What is security and safety like on campus?

4. What is the computer network like, are computer labs always crowded? Should I bring my own computer?

5. How are the facilities on campus … Are they nice? (athletic, computers, student center?)

6. How is the food on campus? (What are the names of good spots? How are the dining halls?)

7. How are the restaurants off campus? (What are the names of good spots?)

8. How are the parties on campus and what are the bars and clubs like off campus? (What are the names of good spots?)

9. How are the dorms? (What dorms to avoid? What dorms are nice?)

10. How convenient is Housing off campus after freshman year?? Is it worth it?

11. How big are varsity sports on campus? How big are intramural sports on campus?

12. What are the guys like? What are the girls like? Are they hot? ;o)

13. How diverse is the campus??

14. What is Greek life like? (Does it dominate the social scene?)

15. Can you comment on the drug scene on campus?

16. How strict are campus police about drugs, drinking, etc?

17. How convenient is Public Transportation to get around town?

18. What is the parking scene like on campus? Is it easy to park?

19. What is the weather like? What type of clothing should I bring?

20. What is your overall experience from your school so far? Do you wish you were somewhere else?

Your answers to these questions might be published but your identity will be kept confidential.
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