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has anyone else noticed the inability of our school to spell? i remember going through the application and on the essay questions, there were a bunch of words spelled wrong. that made me pretty apprehensive about even applying to the uw (added to the crap i had to deal with admissions).

i was looking up some policy online, and i found:

"It is your responsibility to withdraw if your are unable to attend for the quarter." (


"students who experience circumstances taht make it difficult" (

and i really don't think i need to give 89237098237432 examples, you get the idea. i realize its really not that big a deal, everyone makes mistakes, blah blah. but what happened to spell/grammar check? if it makes me look like an idiot when i use terrible grammar or whatever in an essay, you'd think they'd be more meticulous when it comes to publishing information for the public.

anyway just a thought.
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