la fin de notre histoire (xmissmashax) wrote in uw,
la fin de notre histoire

you're right, this doesn't have much to do with the University, but I am here to spread the word &be informative:

Everyone &their moms needs to join miss erin's &my bathroom_floor

Even if you're not a big/constant drinker, as myself, reading others' drunken ramblings &diatribes is fun. It's a haven where we "unite drunk typers...not to provide the opportunity to aggrandize your drinking habits, but to evoke philosophical thought that is not of the sober mind."

(We're) still working at improving the overall layout of the journal, so if you have any alchy-related suggestions, advise away.

&oh yeah, for generosity's sake:
"Any drinking-related talk is permitted.
ie: new mixes, tasty drinks, etc."

many o <3s
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