krystin (ohsogrand) wrote in uw,


i know that xmissmashax made a post about triple rooms, but i just had another question to ask on the same topic.
i was wait-listed and because of that, i didn't apply for housing until way later than i should've. if i even GET a room, it'll almost definitely be a triple (from what i gather, seeing as someone who appled may 1st got a triple).
my question is this - would you reccommend just saying screw it & living at home in that case (i live about 20 miles north) or sucking it up and dealing with a triple? some people have said it's best to be on campus to meet people, but other people have said triple rooms would be hell and i should just stay at home and commute.
SO i am asking you people, because you may know what you're talking about. thanks in advance.
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