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Maybe it's just me, but...

I think driving in Seattle is scary! I had to go down to the KISS 106.1 studios today (1000 Dexter) to pick up something that I had won. I had my Mapquest directions, so I figured it would all be good (even traffic wasn't all that bad). However, they were doing massive construction on Westlake. At one point I was actually driving up on the sidewalk. I couldn't turn onto the street specified in the directions (Aloha), so I ended up looping around looking for Dexter. Eventually I found it, but it was a pain in the ass. And then came the parallel parking. Usually I'm horrible at this (the only part I failed on my driver's test), and I have to have a friend get out of the car and help direct me into a spot. Of course, the one time I don't have a witness, I do a PERFECT parallel parking job. When I was leaving, I was able to find I-5 quickly, which was good. Usually my philosophy is just drive around aimlessly until I spot a sign for I-5 and then follow it. Anyway, next summer I'll probably be living in Seattle all the time, which means I'm going to have to get used to all this craziness. I hope I can handle it.
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