alex (baronofbrass) wrote in uw,

UW Chinese?

Has anyone here taken Chinese at UW? How's the program?
I'm thinking of signing up for Chinese 101. Is it fun? Will it make my head explode?
I took four years of Japanese between high school and community college, but in order to register for a Japanese class at UW, I have to wait till placement interviews which aren't till Sept. 25. So the lady at the Asian Languages & Literature department advised me to sign up for a different class as a backup, in case the Japanese class I place into is full or not offered fall quarter. I've been thinking I'd like to learn Chinese anyway, so I might register for it now just in case. My other classes for fall so far are Econ 200 and Geog 100. I'm thinking I'll eventually shoot for the Jackson School (International Studies) for my major.

Edit: I'm also considering Russian, or possibly even Arabic for my third language (I like to challenge myself, so I pick all the difficult, non-Romance languages). Anyone have input on those programs at UW?
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