silly girl on a horse with a flower (strata) wrote in uw,
silly girl on a horse with a flower


wow, coolies! i feel like a little girl in a big store of candies, or something. anyway my name is lovely and will be attending UW this fall as an undergrad freshmen, from the teenie state of Hawaii. as for my major, i haven't a clue yet. anyway, i need help with a few things.. so please!

1. will they withdraw my acceptance if i got a D (the only D) for one of my classes? i know i should have done better, but AP Calc was not my prime

2. what are some dorm room essentials that you might recommend?

3. any interesting dorm room experiences? (weird room mate, fire alarm pranks, etc...)

4. i also signed up for a freshmen interest house (the international one), and was wondering if anyone else did before. what is your opinion on interest houses?

5. and last, but not least, the silliest question... how cold does it actually get?

thank you so much in advance!
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