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Financial aid

Anyone else get this e-mail from financial aid?
Academic year financial aid award information will be sent
later this summer to students who were awarded summer
aid. The delay is due to several factors, especially the need
to provide you with summer aid before the levels of tuition
and funding for the 2003-2004 academic year could be

Your revised award notice will not be available until late
this summer, probably during August. If you have not
received your award notice by the end of August, please
contact us.

This is what is says under my Financial Aid status page:
The following holds must be cleared before aid can be disbursed.
According to your academic record, you did not meet the minimum credit completion requirements during your enrollment at the University. Therefore, you are not eligible for financial aid. We are required to monitor academic progress for all financial aid applicants whether or not they have received aid in the past. If you feel our records are inaccurate or you have extenuating circumstances, you may appeal this determination. The satisfactory academic progress policy and appeal forms are available from our office. If you have questions about the policy, your records, or the appeal procedure, please contact our office.

What the hell? I'm going out of town tonight so I can't deal with this until Monday when classes start. What's up with not disbursing aid until the day classes start anyways?

Still only one grade out of three posted too...
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