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SPJ Forum Scheduled for June 12

The panel discussion will be held on Thursday, June 12, 7-9 p.m. at the Seattle Times Auditorium, Fairview and John in Seattle. Free. (be sure to show up early to socialize.)

There are over 20 newspapers published in Seattle in languages other than English. Local schools deal with children speaking more than three dozen languages in their ESL programs, and even that doesn't reflect the growing cultural diversity of the area.

Newspeople in the Seattle area face an increasing challenges to be inclusive in the way we cover our region. How can reporters and other journalists can better reach and reach out to underserved ethnic communities? Specifically, how we can cover news that is of concern to the diverse communities? How do we find sources and information to better include them in news and feature stories in the area.

The Western Washington Pro Chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists will wrap up their series of public interest presentations for the season with a panel discussion on including the area's diverse ethnic communities.

The panelists are Pramila Jayapal, exec. director of the Hate Free Zone project, Naomi Ishisaka, editor of Colors NW magazine and a representative of the Idriss Mosque in north Seattle. Seattle Times reporter Leslie Fulbright will moderate the discussion. Fulbright, who moved here from the SF Bay Area, covers social issues out of the Bellevue bureau.

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