Getting my feet wet (until I drown) (thevamplestat) wrote in uw,
Getting my feet wet (until I drown)


I am coming up from vancouver on July 10 to go to one of the tansfer thursdays, check out the art department, etc...anyway, what are some particular things I should check out in seattle to get a feel for whether I really like the place? I've been there a few times, seen the space needle and pacific science center and stuff like that, and wandered around a while. I'm just wondering if there is any focus I can bring to my wanderings this time.

And some random questions:

That monorail that a useful part of the transit system that you can ride with the u-pass? Or is it mostly just a touristy thing?

What kind of bookstores are inthe downtown area? I know there won't be anything quite like Powell's books down here in portland...but what's the main place? Barnes & noble? How about Art supply stores?
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