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New U-District Sketch Comedy Show

This is a reminder that Train of Thought’s new sketch comedy show, Train of Thought > Airport, opens this Friday ( June 6th) for a three week run! If you like Saturday Night Live or The Kids in the Hall you'll love this show!

I hope you can all make it down to see the show. It’s really great! All the information you need is below. Thought I'd let you know since it's right next to the UW.

Here are the basic facts:
> Show name:Train of Thought > Airport
> Featuring: John Boyle, Missy Meyer, Ryan Miller
> Performances: Friday and Saturday nights, June 6th, 7th, 13th, 14th, 20th, 21st at 8pm
> Location: The Historic University Theater (formerly the Paradox), 5510 University Way (U District, Seattle)
> Written and Directed by John Boyle and Train of Thought
> Website: www.trainofthought.info
> All tickets are $8

Press Release:

Train of Thought > Airport debuts at The Historic University Theater

Wing-It Productions and Train of Thought, Seattle’s newest and most unique sketch comedy group, present a show of all original sketch comedy in Train of Thought > Airport. The unique format of the Train of Thought show allows the audience to see the actual train of thought used by the performers to inspire the scene they are about to enjoy. Airport premieres on June 6th for a three week run every Friday and Saturday at 8:00pm.

Train of Thought > Airport takes a closer look at the vast world surrounding airports and the airline industry. Find out how sleazy corporate executives escape responsibility, who really answers your prayers, the newest security measures and more. A broad range of comedy sketches, scenes and monologues make Train of Thought sketch comedy worth following.

The Train of Thought team consists of Seattle performers John Boyle, Missy Meyer and Ryan Miller. They collectively have over 30 years of experience in improv and sketch comedy.

The Historic University Theater (formerly the Paradox) at 5510 University Way NE is the new home of Wing-It Productions, producers of shows such as Jet City Improv and Twisted Flicks.

For more information about Train of Thought visit www.trainofthought.info.
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