Joy (joyy) wrote in uw,

Battle of the Bands

Hello, Joy here. Plugging for a Battle of the Bands sort of event that is going down this Friday, in the basement (?) of Haggett. It's FREE, and there should be all sorts of good bands playing, including Slam Daddy, Graceful Chaos, Prize Fighter, Turbo Jones, and my band, Fates End! Woohoo. It starts at 7 and goes till 11, so bring your friends! ALL of them! And all of THEIR friends, too!

Aaannnd, if you wanna see more Fates End, come to 'the green' at Seattle U on Sunday, June 1st around 6. Aaaand, if you don't wanna see more, then just stay home. Or come and boo us off the stage. But then I might cry, so I don't really recommend that option.
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