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National Pharmaceutical Stockpile (NPS) Drill

I got this email from my advisor about a UW "pharmaceutical distribution" drill, so I decided to volunteer.

The Washington Dept. of Health and University of Washington have agreed to hold a drill on January 24 to test out the state's plan for distributing the National Pharmaceutical Stockpile (NPS). The NPS is an emergency reserve of antibiotics and other medical supplies for use in national emergencies. Although the NPS may never have to be deployed, UW is eager to help Washington State prepare for that eventuality.

About 400 volunteers are required for the drill. They will pose as individuals presenting to an emergency pharmaceutical dispensing site in the HUB ballroom on Jan. 24. Each volunteer will be given a script with their roll and their responses to questions asked by the site staff. Actual medications will not be dispensed at the drill.

The time required of each volunteer would be about an hour to cycle through the site, or you can volunteer to stay for the entire exercise and go through the process multiple times, space and time permitting. There are six, 30- minute slots when volunteers would be expected to arrive.

Interested volunteers are requested to sign up for the drill using the link below.

*** Sign Up Here. ***
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