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Hello hello,

Ok I'm one of the annoying transplants who is moving from southern CA to Seattle. My fiance was born there and currently works there. We're getting married, I'm starting law school at UW. We want to live in Capitol Hill but the only thing is that we adopted two little puppies a year ago (Maltese, girls - sisters, each weighs less than 6 lbs.) whose mom had been abandoned in a foreclosed home. We are fine living in a studio, don't about the amenities, just want to make sure that the puppies are ok. I've spoken to some building managers management & they say they are pet friendly but add that if the dogs bark we'll need to get rid of them.

while my dogs don't bark a lot, they have also not lived in an apartment building before and I am worried that they will raise a ruckus when left alone during the day for the first few weeks. I'm worried about signing a lease and having to break it because I will not give them away.

Do you folks know of any apartment buildings that are VERY pet friendly? some ads say that there are breed restrictions, which dogs do they restrict? or do you have any suggestions on what I can do in order to try and train them to not bark? is that even a possibility? I have about a month to go before I move, so I can work on them. I don't want to put any kind of bark collar on them or get them de-barked.

Besides Capitol Hill are there other areas to look for where there are small homes for sale and still have a fun walkable neighborhood? if worse comes to worse we'll have to rent a small house or something... but we would rather live near Capitol Hill. I don't mind not living super close to UW, but we don't drive a car so our home needs to be relatively close to bus lines and still safe for me to get around when I come home late at night.. I've lived in LA and Berkeley and i've been mugged in both places.. but it would be nice if I could avoid having it happen again ;)

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