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Selling my GMAT, LSAT, and business school and law school admissions books!


19 GMAT and Business School MBA Admissions Books for sale:  http://www.seab.dreamhosters.com/business/gmat-mba-bschool.html

12 LSAT and Law School JD Admissions Books for sale: http://www.seab.dreamhosters.com/law/lsat-lawschool.html


-          I bought all of these books last year. But I decided to not apply to any JD/MBA programs and did not take the tests.

-          All the books are brand new. There is no writing, highlighting, or marks of any sort in any of them. Very few were even read or opened!

-          I did a lot of in-depth research before I bought these books. I bought only the books with the best reviews and the most positive real-world experiences on law and business school discussion boards.


If you are interested:

-          I will give preference to whoever wants to buy the whole lot or the most number of books.

-          I can send these via post anywhere for free. I also accept PayPal. I can meet on the Eastside or in Seattle. You can email me at jinjinzhzh at gmail dot com.

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