Hilary (myjetplane) wrote in uw,

Hey you guys, it's me again.
I'm current in the process of reviewing my application to UW before submitting it.
I have a question about submitting transcripts though. It says somewhere that you have to submit your transfer transcript with the last quarter of classes that you took before applying to the UW. but then it says that if you are a transfer student for Fall 2010, you must turn in your transcript with the previous fall quarter you had on it. I'm really confused by these directions.

Does this mean I can submit my application now? Or do I have to wait until the grades from my current fall quarter classes from my community college are officially recorded onto my transcript?

Also, I have everything completely done. I just need to submit my High School and Transfer transcript. Can I submit the application now along with the fee? Or should I wait until I have my grades for this current quarter on my transcript?
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