Kristin (malicious_pengy) wrote in uw,

Wow. A blank schedule.

I decided to just go and take 10 fun credits for my last quarter here. I have to take my 5 credit history senior seminar, but that's honestly the only thing I have left.

I looked through the schedule, and I just really didn't see anything fun. Soc of Murder might be okay, but seniors have to wait until period two. Com. New Media looked good, but is full already.

So, do you
(a) have any class recommendations? I'm normally interested in most things in humanities and the soft fuzzy sciences, I just didn't see anything that felt right. If you know that a class is good, tell me.

(b) know what it's like to be a part-time student? I'm really not sure what differences there are for UW. Does it affect when you have to pay back student loans? I'm not currently on financial aid, but I used loans last year. Does it affect IMA rights or the bus pass? I'm checking this out on my own right now, but if you already have information, it would be handy.
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