Hilary (myjetplane) wrote in uw,

Admission Rates for Transfer Students

hey fellow dawggs.

I am an 18 year old Student at Cascadia Community College. I am going to receive my transfer degree at the end of this school year. I am seeking a Linguistics degree at the UW starting next year. My question is--how hard is it to get into the UW as a transfer student? Does it depend on your desired major and how competitive it is?

My current transfer GPA is 3.1 and I have no SAT score; I'm afraid that this might not look good to them. I have, on a brighter note, a lot of International experience. I have participated in programs that have taken me to the Mediterranean Coast and Australia. I also spent a year in Germany as a Rotary Youth Exchange student in 2007 and it only took me a couple of months to become fluent in the spoken language. Also, if it helps, my grades in all of my language classes are above a 3.5 (I don't know if the linguistics department will take that into consideration)

I have mentioned all of this in my personal statement, but I don't know how reliable a personal statement is for admission. Can somebody please give me answers? I'm afraid
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