Courtney, Shorty, SS, Jorge (aliengirl31186) wrote in uw,
Courtney, Shorty, SS, Jorge

Hey! Wanna live in Magnolia? 2br 1bath only $895 a month!!

Crazy cheap rent, fireplace, first floor, FREE parking...

Aaaaaand! the 31 to and from the U District stops a block from our place!

My roommate and I are breaking our lease so every month someone doesnt take the place, we own money.. sad day... help us out and rent our awesome place.

If interested in seeing the apartment, contact Kelvin Klienman at Quorum Real Estate: 206.283.6000(w) or 206.890.7105(c) for a visit!

PS: We're breaking it b/c we both work in theatre and had to move for work not because we didnt love the place!
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