spence (noahfex) wrote in uw,

Has anyone taken ENGL 207? With Foster? Either way, how is it in terms of work-load?

I'm asking because Fall quarter I'm taking 3 English classes so I can make sure I get my endorsement and graduate next Spring. Just wondering if I should prepare myself for some intense work with 207, in addition to 302 and 336. I'm expecting those both to have a decent amount of reading/writing, as it seems to be with most 300-level English classes.

I have to essentially take all 3 of these classes this quarter, 207 specifically because who doesn't want to have a class that focuses on freakin' comic books (plus it's my last quarter as a junior, since you can't take it as a Senior English major)? It sounds pretty fun/interesting.

Anyway, input would be nice, I'm curious as to how people have reacted to 207 in the past, with or without Foster as your professor.
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