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So, I've got a mild dental emergency on my hands right now, and I am wondering what my options are while I am covered under the Student Insurance plan.

Basically, I never got my wisdom teeth x-rayed since the first one came in with no problems. Now, I have a second one coming in, and it's painful and most likely growing in kind of funny. I thought I could pull through it, but I'm having difficulty chewing food without extreme discomfort. I figure if this persists for another couple of days, I will have to cave and go see a dentist.

It looks like the only dentistry services offered by UWMC are from the School of Dentistry. Has anyone used them? As usual, the insurance coverage brochure is written in the most confusing manner possible, so if anyone has used the School, what exactly is the coverage? I can't really afford to pay anything over $100 up front, and judging by the info on their website, you pay at your appointment rather than get billed later. Are there other dentists in the area who take the UW Student Insurance? Am I just SOL until I start a real job with real insurance next month?
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