Son of a Preacher Man (shabubu) wrote in uw,
Son of a Preacher Man

New transfer student, I'm old, and have dorm questions.

First off, I checked out the memories regarding dorms and my questions haven't been asked, so please don't hurt me. If they have been asked, I didn't see them...and you can't search in LJ. Also, a lot of the memories are from a few years ago.

I'll be starting in Autumn 09 (AA transfer) and I'm considering Hansee.

I'm 27, will I be the old one in the dorm?
I really have no idea how dorm life even works, can I keep my booze when I move in?
Do I pay to do my laundry?
Private showers? Or do I get to take showers while looking at interesting spots on the shower walls?
I can tell that Hansee is coed - does that mean an entire floor is one gender or are both genders on each floor?
I've heard conflicting information on how social Hansee Hall is, can anyone give me a heads-up if I'll see another living soul while I'm living there?
I'm going to be doing a lot of Biology and Chemistry while there, would Hansee be a headache in regards to those class locations?

Most of my friends already went through the whole University thing, will anybody be my friend when I show up all lost and confused? I'm only slightly creepy, but I bathe regularly.

A couple of technical questions:
I do a lot of programming for money, is there any issue of me working from a dorm room?
I do a lot of network programming, will the IT people hate me?

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