April 13th, 2010


UW's website has a new look

OMG < insert website here > changed their layout, let's make a (group | community | fan page) to protest.

No, it's not really like that, I'm quite open-minded about websites updating their design in tune with the trends of the time, but I'm pretty baffled by the change made to UW's website. I think they used a variation of a commonly utilized CSS template otherwise known as a "Clusterfuck" because I don't think it works at all in the context of a university web page (and actually in general).

But I'm sure others have other opinions, I'm very interested in hearing various perspectives. Largely because of the fact that when I saw the page my face looked an awful lot like the icon I'm using here and I'm certain this isn't everyone's response.

A brief and not at all ranty, or sarcastic discussion of my initial impressionsCollapse )

Seriously, I think it's nice that someone put forth the time and the effort to update the look and feel of UW's home page, bring it up to speed with some of the recent design trends. But things that work (and sometimes that's a generous appraisal) for venues like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, what have you don't really work on the home page of a supposedly world class university.