March 25th, 2010

Brains Not Bombs

(no subject)

You guys are probably tired of my acceptance questions, but i have one more.
So I believe I  have been accepted to UW bothell. I pulled up my unofficial transcript in MyUW, and I can see a student number.
Now I am worried about the seattle application; which is my highest priority.
Right now my seattle application states that "we have received all materials required. we will notify you when decisions have been made"
my application turned to this yesterday.  Does this mean they have already reviewed my application?  Does it take a couple of weeks for your student I.D. to appear after it has changed to that?
I know that it took 3 or something weeks after my UW bothell status changed so i was wondering if it took that long for the Seattle app.

Also, since i'm applying to two UW campuses, will i have two different student numbers? And will the blank seattle transcript appear separately or with the UW bothell one?

Sorry, this is probably just me being paranoid.