February 26th, 2010

[Futurama] Farnsworth *facepalm*

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So due to a stupid and large fuck-up both on my part and my old college advisor, I can't register for spring classes 'til I take my DELNA. I'm signed up to take my test Monday morning but there's only a few spots left in the classes I need and I'm worried they'll be filled up by the time I can register (which I think might be Tuesday?)

I saw someone make a post here asking if anyone could register and hold on to a class 'til he could get it all sorted out. Would this be possible? Or when someone drops a class, does the first person on the waitlist get bumped up instead of the first person to register right after taking that spot? If it can work I'd be willing to pay $10 per class (I have 2) for whoever does this for me.

If this can't work... uh... any suggestions? :/