January 3rd, 2010

  • crox144

Hold on aid due to withdrawal

Due to some unfortunate circumstances, I had to withdraw from fall quarter in week 8. Unsurprisingly, the office of financial aid has put a hold on my aid for Winter quarter, stating that I failed to complete the minimum number of credits last quarter. Does anybody have any experience with this or a similar situation? I plan on going in to the aid office tomorrow, but I'm having a minor panic here about whether or not I'll be able to receive my aid at all.

Other potentially relevant information:
-I will be graduating in June of this year (if I am able to receive my aid...)
-I did not go through the hardship withdrawal procedure, though I think my circumstances would qualify if there is any way to do it retroactively (I'm not sure if hardship vs regular withdrawal is relevant to aid)
-My aid package is made up of a small subsidized Stafford loan and a larger unsubsidized Stafford loan

Thanks, any help or information that you could provide would be greatly appreciated!