January 2nd, 2010

[Other] Bill Hader

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Due to a whole mess of problems, I finally got my orientation done on the 30th and had an advising session done right after, but since it was done so late I only got one class registered. I don't know what my PAC number is, and because of the holidays I could not get ahold of the registration office, and now it's the weekend and they are closed. Anyone know where I can get that? I don't even know how to view my current schedule without it (advisor did not print it for me to keep).

Also, can someone explain this regisering at 5:45 AM thing they mentioned in the orientation? 

edit* Dilemma fixed, ty all! I have another question, though. Has anyone here got experience with Christine De Stefano's classes before? I signed up for her Intro to Political Theory (Poli Sci 201) course... because it was one of hte only ones with room still left. The fact that it has room has me a little worried of what I'm getting into.